All in the Same Boat: Presses Coming Together Through Direct Mail

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Saturday, June 20 — 1:45-3:00 pm

Facilitators: Jada Rankin, Marketing Coordinator and Courtney Burkholder, Director, Texas Tech University Press

Presses that publish titles within the same focus areas and/or are geographically related often direct their marketing campaigns through similar avenues and routinely see other at the same academic meetings and place advertisements in the same publications. Each press inevitably provides its own direct mail marketing materials: seasonal catalogs, subject catalogs, flyers, etc. Instead of viewing each other as "friendly rivals," this collaboration lab would discuss ways in which these presses could combine their individual efforts, especially regarding direct mail, to create a single, comprehensive subject-area catalog within a particular area. For example, presses that publish in Western history would come together to produce a single Western history catalog rather than each press producing its own catalog. Alternatively, presses in one state could come together to produce a catalog that highlights the titles they publish about their state. Presses that have undertaken this effort (or thought about it) are invited to brainstorm the desirability and logistics of combining direct mail pieces to present a united front to the buying reader.

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