Acquisitions Editors and Faculty Editorial Boards: Toward a More Perfect Union

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Monday, June 12, 8:45–10:15 AM
Chair: Sara Cohen, Editor, Temple University Press
Panelists: Robert Devens, Editor-in-Chief, University of Texas Press; James Cox, Professor of English, University of Texas and Chair, Faculty Editorial Board, University of Texas Press; Mary Francis, Editorial Director, University of Michigan Press

As acquisitions editors at university presses, we all report to faculty editorial boards who steward the imprimaturs of our universities, yet there is remarkable variation in how those boards operate. These variations include how often the boards meet, at what point in the publication process they review materials, and what materials they review. We have different ways of preparing for board meetings as individuals and departments, and different sources of anxiety and enjoyment associated with our board processes. This panel is intended to open up a conversation about how our boards work, how we interact with them, and how we might strengthen relationships between acquisitions departments and faculty boards.

Session Video

To watch a replay of "Acquisitions Editors and Faculty Editorial Boards: Toward a More Perfect Union," please visit AAUP's Vimeo.

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