A Fair and Balanced Look at Open Access

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Moderator: Kathleen Keane, Director, Johns Hopkins University Press

Panelists: Ellen Faran, Director, MIT Press; Nawin Gupta, Journals Manager, University of Chicago Press; Laura-Dale Bischof, Librarian for Classical and Near Eastern Studies German and Dutch Linguistics and Literature Linguistics and ESL, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Description: Open Access has become an emotionally charged term that has threatened to polarize information providers from information users. This session attempted to frame the complexities of the Open Access movement within the university press experience. The orientation was decidedly journal-centric but relevant to all scholarly and academic publishing applications. Much of the open access debate has taken place on extreme margins. This session attempted to normalize the conversation and identify how the various publishing models can compliment one another. Panelists included a university press director, a journals manager and a representative from the academic library community.

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