2017 Journals Assembly

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Sunday, June 11, 1:00–4:00 PM
Chairs: Katie Luu, Journals Marketing Specialist, MIT Press and Emily Taylor, Journals Manager, Ohio State University Press
Panelists: Toni Gunnison, Journals Manager, University of Wisconsin Press; Dan Morgan, Publisher, University of California Press; Emily Taylor, Journals Manager, Ohio State University Press; Katie Yantzi, Journals Production Manager, University of Toronto Press

Join your Journals colleagues at this year’s action-packed Assembly! The theme for this year’s Assembly is “how to start a new journal” and part of the workshop will be devoted to a rousing conversation between our peers from small, midsize, and large UPs about their recent new journal projects and the challenges and lessons of starting new journals today. Audience participation will be strongly encouraged. We’ll also have ample opportunity for “speed networking” and splitting into small groups to discuss the various aspects of starting new journals and sharing the latest happenings at our own Presses.

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