2017 Design and Production Managers Roundtable: We Still Make Beautiful Books

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Sunday, June 11, 8:30 AM–4:00 PM
Organizers: Melissa Bugbee Buchanan, University of Georgia Press; Lisa Tremaine, Art Director & Production Manager, University of New Mexico Press; Kristina Kachele, Kristina Kachele Design; and the AAUP Design & Production Committee'

The D&P Roundtable will bring together production managers and designers to engage with and propose solutions to the common problems facing design and production staff at university presses. The workshop will be participant-focused, with ample opportunity for junior staff to pose questions and senior staff to contribute wisdom. Topics to be covered include: design templates, working with freelancers, how to stay inspired, cost-saving strategies, printing and reprinting, project management, who does what in E/DP departments, and more!

Once participants have registered, some may be recruited to introduce topics in which they have a particular expertise or interest.

Design & Production Agenda:

Morning: Design

— Working with freelancers
—— Use of work for hire?
—— Managing communication, expectations, and outcomes
— Dust Jackets to Dust: use of templates for interiors and covers?
— Fonts: Who is using what? New favorites?
— New approaches to cover design review and approval process
— Insights into the time oppression vs creativity dance: How do you stay inspired?
— Who does what?
— Proofing for 4/color books?

Break for Lunch

Afternoon: Production

— Managing/vetting author input and art
— Project management
—— Managing schedules and expectation across and within departments
—— Cross department communications
—— Permissions for cover art
—— Managing project elements (e.g. cover copy)
— Managing reprints
— XML work ow: How is it working?
— What DAM (digital asset management) systems are presses using?
— Managing money: Where to print? What materials? Cost saving strategies?
— Printing
—— Offset vs. POD vs. SRDP
—— Toner vs. Inkjet
—— Printing internationally? Management, costs, and scheduling


The following notes are available from the 2017 Design and Production Managers Roundtable:

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