2017 AAUP Press Directors Meeting

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Sunday, June 11, 1:00–3:00 PM
Organizers: Meredith Babb, Director, University Press of Florida; Donna Shear, Director, University of Nebraska Press

This meeting will give us the opportunity to share collective wisdom about a number of key management issues that we all face as press directors. Attendees can sign up to join one of the following discussion topics.

— Reorganization/restructuring—planning for it, preparing the staff, handling the stress
— Leadership development/succession planning
— Morale and culture—keeping it high or raising it up/what to do about people who bring it down
— Stepped up competition in talent and hiring/attracting good people/why do they want to come to my Press?

Reading materials will be circulated prior the meeting to help inform the discussions. Time will be reserved at the end of the meeting for discussion groups to share observations and possible action items.


The following case studies were presented and discussed at the 2017 AAUP Press Directors Meeting:

Additionally, notes from the meeting are available:

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