2016 Publicity Rules!

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Thursday, June 16, 1:00–4:30 PM
Organizers: AAUP Marketing Committee (Chair: Martyn Beeny, Marketing and Sales Manager, University of Nebraska Press)

Publicity’s centrality to the modern marketing department means that it can affect many other aspects of a university press. Publicists have been known to acquire books, act as sales reps, sell books directly to consumers, and much more. Publicity is no longer simply about getting reviews and media attention for books and authors. And, scholarly books require just as much effort as trade titles. But not all presses have equal size publicity departments or even a publicist. In this interactive workshop, participants will explore how modern publicity can be conducted and how the results can reach beyond the boundaries of the marketing department. We’ll spend our time seeking ideas, thinking about new ways in which publicity can be gained and used, and finding answers to the problems we all encounter in relation to publicity on a daily basis.

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