2016 Opening Plenary

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Friday, June 17, 9:00–10:15 AM
Sponsored by Bert Davis Executive Search and Consulting Services
Speaker: Mickey McManus, MAYA Design
Moderator: Wendy Queen, Director, Project MUSE, Johns Hopkins University Press

What’s next for the world of publishing? Mickey McManus, Principal and Chairman of the board at MAYA Design—a design consultancy and innovation lab located in downtown Pittsburgh—has a thought. What will it be like to have our phones give us a tour of a museum based on the artifacts we pass? Or what if our coffeemakers automatically start to percolate as the pace of our reading slows after we pick up our favorite book? Often called the "Internet of Things," pervasive computing is about connecting the things we interact with every day, and is a game-changer for industry as a new set of design and business paradigms emerge. In 2012, Mickey co-authored a book, Trillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology, which has been called a field guide to the era of pervasive computing. The way we design for things that begin to "wake up" is uncharted territory. If we don’t take into account our connected future and continue designing for disconnected things, we will design our way into irrelevance. The challenge publishers face is how to surf these trends, determine what to do about them, and identify how designing "things" will change. Please join Mickey, a pioneer in the field of collaborative innovation, pervasive computing, human-centered design and education, in a discussion about the ecological design and the nature of things.

Session Video

To watch a replay of the 2016 Opening Plenary, please visit AAUP's Vimeo.

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