2016 Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

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Thursday, June 16, 7:30–11:30 AM
Organizers: Tom Helleberg, Chief Financial Officer, University of Washington Press; Robbie Dircks, Associate Director and CFO, University of North Carolina Press
Speakers: Mike Bieker, Director, University of Arkansas Press; Dan Wackrow, CFO/COO, Harvard University Press

This three-hour program gives managers the tools to understand and evaluate press finances through three conventional financial statements: The Income Statement, the Balance Sheet, and the Title P & L. Participants will be challenged to dissect and interpret sample statements in this interactive and exercise-driven session. The program will also include a brief overview of double-entry bookkeeping to provide context for managers who have little or no accounting background and feature discussion of accounting practices that are, if not unique to, then at least uncommon outside of publishing (including royalties and commissions; rights and permissions; and sales revenue that can include inventory, POD editions, and ebooks).

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