2015 Plenary Session: How Can Universities and Their Presses Co-evolve?

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Saturday, June 20 — 3:30-5:00 pm

Moderator: Peter Berkery, Executive Director, AAUP

Speakers: Meredith Babb, Director, University Press of Florida; Jill Tiefenthaler, President, Colorado College; James V Maher, Provost Emeritus and Distinguished Service Professor of Physics, Senior Science Advisor

Panelist: Lisa Bayer, Director, University of Georgia Press

As higher education evolves to retain relevance in an ever-changing landscape of knowledge creation and student education, we too are reinventing ourselves to best serve our scholarly authors and their readers. Questions about the direction of higher education can border on existential­­—a few brash predictions even question the long-term viability of the university as we know it. In this novel session, we will explore the intersection between the ways in which universities are preparing for the future and how presses can and are helping to define that future.

After AAUP President-elect Meredith Babb frames the issues for us, two leaders in higher education scholarship, one from a research university and the other from a liberal arts college, will share their observations about where change appears to be leading the academy—and how the academy is responding. Within that context, we will next hear “elevator pitches” from all eight of the AAUP member presses who have received the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s recent capacity-building grants. And then, our two keynote speakers will join thought leaders from within our community as moderator Peter Berkery hosts a candid and free-wheeling discussion of how well these initiatives are likely to align us with the future needs of scholarship.


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