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In this age of constant change, employees more than ever look to directors and department heads for strong direction that allows an organization and its employees to thrive in an under-resourced environment. Experienced leaders will discuss how to foster communication, create organizational buy-in, and mediate the needs of the workplace with employees' personal lives, as well as how to motivate others (and themselves) when financial reward isn't always an option. Aimed at directors, chief administrators, and department heads, the session will address managing up and managing down. Panelists will also consider the special issues and needs of millennials in the workplace and how to motivate these employees by the creation and maintenance of a healthy work-life balance within the press.

Chair: Leila Salisbury, Director, University Press of Mississippi

Panelists: Richard Brown, Director, Georgetown University Press

Pam McClanahan, Director, Minnesota Historical Society Press

Linda Secondari, Creative Director, Oxford University Press

Liz Williams, Director, Southern Food and Beverage Museum, New Orleans


  1. part 1: Richard Brown
  2. part 2: Pam McClanahan
  3. part 3: Linda Secondari
  4. part 4: Liz Williams
  5. part 5: Leila Salisbury
  6. part 6: Q&A

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"A Director's Guide to Managing the Modern Press", Pam Mclanahan


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