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TMS, CMS, DAM, ERM, ERP, or in common university press parlance, the presswide database: whatever one calls these kinds of systems, their basic purpose is to store and organize your valuable data and, perhaps most importantly, share it with the outside world. Perhaps your press is still debating the need for one. Or, maybe you have one but it's outdated and you're near-paralyzed by the prospects of upgrading what you have or moving to a new system. What are the options? What are the costs? In this session panelists will survey the current state and future direction of these systems, help you think through the decision to go with a homegrown or custom-built system, and look at your return on investment, including non-quantifiable benefits.

Chair: David Des Jardines, Assistant Director for Marketing and Digital Initiatives, University of Georgia Press

Panelists: Edwin Fager, President, Kensai International, Ltd.

Bob Oeste, Senior Programmer/Analyst, John Hopkins University Press

Michael Upshall, Digital Publishing Consultant

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