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As digital projects make up a growing part of the publishing conversation, the opportunities for editors to engage in innovative publishing has increased; but so, too, have the risks. This panel will consider the questions that face university presses as they move into the digital realm. What are the factors that influence an acquiring editor's decision to publish a project in digital-born or digital-first format? What unique challenges do these projects present to colleagues in production, marketing, and sales? How can digital projects—especially those that never become printed books—fit into the larger mission of university press publishing? The panelists will draw from experience within a variety of formats to explore both the promise and the pitfalls of engaging in digital-first or digital-only projects.

Chair: Seth Ditchik, Executive Editor, Princeton University Press

Panelists: Aaron McCullough, Assistant Director for Editorial Activities, University of Michigan Press

Amanda Moon, Senior Editor, Scientific American/Farrar, Straus & Giroux

Damon Zucca, Publisher, Scholarly Reference and Online, Oxford University Press

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