2012 Workflow Changes in the Scholarly Press

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Over the past few years presses have dramatically changed the ways that we create and sell our products—from establishing XML workflows and expanding e-book production and sales to taking on multimedia and digital projects and working with consortia. Consequently, many press employees have experienced dramatic shifts in their responsibilities, who they work with both inside and outside the press. How have new digital initiatives transformed workflow patterns within the university press? What new overlaps of interests, needs, and responsibilities have arisen? What are the challenges of working across departments or divisions? And what are the rewards? How can managers address the needs of employees who bridge different departments or divisions at the press? This panel will offer strategies, insights, and practical advice for adapting to transformations in the workplace.

Chair: Alan Harvey, Deputy Director and Editor-in-Chief, Stanford University Press

Panelists: Krista Coulson, Digital Publishing Manager, University of Chicago Press

Susan Doerr, Operations Manager, University of Minnesota Press

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session in this section. You can also post presentation files--find out how.


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