2012 Open Peer Review: NYU Press/MediaCommons Project Update

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Over the past year, NYU Press and the scholarly network MediaCommons, with funding from the Mellon Foundation, have been examining open peer review of scholarly books and articles. We have considered a range of options and scenarios for open peer review, including fully public online review, collaborative review among a set of readers, and more. The result of our work will be a white paper that will assess the value and shortcomings of open peer review and serve as a road map for scholars and publishers, articulating criteria and protocols for conducting open peer review that are both rigorous and flexible enough to apply across disciplines. The paper will also discuss technical functionalities required to support these protocols, and assess currently available tools. The draft report will be made available online for comments in advance of the annual meeting. At this session, we'll discuss our draft findings, as well as our own ongoing experiments with open peer review and the lessons learned therein.

Chair: Eric Zinner, Assistant Director and Editor-in-Chief, NYU Press

Panelists: Cheryl Ball, Associate Professor of English at Illinois State University and Editor of Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session in this section. You can also post presentation files--find out how.


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