2012 Beyond eBooks: Scholarly Publishing in the Digital Age

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New technologies are fundamentally changing what university presses publish, how it can be published, and ultimately what our role is in this new digital landscape. While most presses are focused on digitizing books and expanding the digital distribution of content initially published for paper, many of our authors are working on multimedia and born-digital projects that are transforming the scholarly landscape. As scholars, research methods, and results move beyond the concept of a page--be it print or electronic—we as publishers must adapt so that we can continue to play a valuable role in disseminating the best scholarship. This session will explore the opportunities and barriers involved in leveraging technology to advance scholarly publishing in a new age of interactive, dynamic, collaborative, linked content. We will address such questions as: How are scholars using non-book content? What is the role of university presses and libraries in creating and distributing digital content? How do new multimedia and digital projects differ from enhanced ebooks and what new experiences do they offer? What are the implications for organizational structures, processes, and staffing? What types of new partnerships or collaborations can help to advance digital publishing for presses? How should presses measure the impact of digital knowledge dissemination (i.e., existing or new business metrics)?

Chair: David Schiffman, Director of Digital Publishing, Yale University Press

Panelists: Marguerite Avery, Senior Acquisitions Editor, MIT Press

Sylvia Miller, Project Director “Publishing the Long Civil Rights Movement", University of North Carolina Press

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