2011 XML Workflows: DIY for Managers and EDP Staff

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In addition to delivering XML outputs, an in-house XML workflow can reduce production schedules and costs. But can it be done for less than a six-figure investment and a wholesale restructuring of your existing workflow? This session will explore how some presses are partnering with tech-savvy consultants to build a home-grown XML workflow at much less cost and significantly less disruption than you might imagine. Along the way we'll look at some of the choices presses need to make about selecting a DTD and defining the granularity of their tag sets. Don't know a DTD from a tag set? Don't worry. This session looks at the issues from outside the technology box.

Chair: Charles H. E. Ault, Production Director, Temple University Press

Panelists: Michael Haskell, Publishing Systems Manager, Columbia University Press; Terri O'Prey, Senior Production Editor, Princeton University Press

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"XML, DTDs, OMG," Michael Haskell

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