2011 What Are Exhibits For?

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Over the years, exhibits managers have seen their entrepreneurial skills tested as traceable conference sales decline, and as sales tax and PCI-compliance issues make selling more difficult. Yet academic meetings continue to offer a chance to connect with key constituencies including authors and prospective authors, as well as with readers. Are exhibits worth the time and effort? When and why do staffed booths make sense for promotions, sales, and acquisitions? Who should attend and staff such exhibits? Road-tested exhibitors lead a discussion about logistics, the purpose of exhibits, and how best to realize their potential.

Chair: Brendan Coyne, Exhibits and Awards Manager, Johns Hopkins University Press

Panelists: Jacqueline Beilhart, Publicist, Georgetown University Press; Chuck Myers, Executive Editor, Political Science and Law, Princeton University Press; Caitlin Churchill, Exhibits, Electronic Publishing, and Special Promotions Manager, Texas A&M University Press

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