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American universities require a greater and greater global presence in order to fulfill their missions and remain relevant. University presses are uniquely situated to distribute the fruits of scholarship far and wide, but how is this best accomplished? How much international demand is there for our content, and how can we meet it? This session will explore the current challenges and opportunities in international sales and suggest how to position our presses for the fully global future. This session will include both presentations and discussions. If there are questions or topics you would like to see addressed, please send these to sdhamee at press.uchicago.edu in advance of the session.

Chair: Saleem Dhamee, International Sales Manager, University of Chicago Press

Panelists: Mark Gresham, President, United Publishers Services; Carter Holliday, Senior Content Acquisition Account Executive, Ingram Content Group; David Hetherington, Vice President - Academic/Educational Merchandising & Digital Printing, Baker & Taylor

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