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University presses rely on increasingly sophisticated measures to gauge the performance of the books they publish—and of the editors who acquire them. In this session we’ll shift the terms of the conversation from birthday reports, awards, and profit margins to a focus on how individual acquisitions editors deem a book successful or not. Panel participants will spend five minutes discussing the single best book they’ve acquired, identifying the factors that, they feel, make their favorite acquisition superlative. Then we’ll open the floor to audience members and hope that the discussion generates new perspectives on press-wide efforts to determine what constitutes a successful book.

Chairs: Debbie Gershenowitz, Senior Editor, New York University Press; Derek Krissoff, Senior Editor, University of Georgia Press

Panelists: Peter Agree, Editor-in-Chief, University of Pennsylvania Press; Mary Elizabeth Braun, Acquisitions Editor, Oregon State University Press; Elizabeth Knoll, Senior Editor, Harvard University Press; Alan Thomas, Editorial Director, Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Chicago Press

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