2011 Subrights and the Small Press: Extending Reach, Adding Value, Increasing Revenue

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A subrights program can strengthen a press’s bottom line, lengthen a book’s life, improve the dissemination of scholarship, and enhance the press’s reputation around the world. Yet not all presses have the resources to develop subrights as aggressively as they might like. How can smaller presses strategically access the robust potential subrights offers? With this question in mind, panelists will discuss: acquiring and managing resources, the judicious use of agents, ongoing promotional efforts, staffing solutions, efficient workflows, information access, IT solutions, and the subrights program in the larger context of press operations. Format will skew to a roundtable discussion with some presentation time and room for Q&A. If there are questions or topics you would like to see addressed, please send these to pfroehli at indiana.edu in advance of the session.

Chair: Peter Froehlich, Rights & Permissions Manager, Indiana University Press

Panelists: Philip Cercone, Director, McGill-Queen's University Press; Stephanie Vyce, Director of Intellectual Property and Subsidiary Rights, Harvard University Press; Sheila Leary, Director, Wisconsin University Press; Kelly Rogers, Rights Manager, The Johns Hopkins University Press

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Chair's Notes/Post-Meeting Summary

Handout Data

U.S. Commerce Department Global Publishing Team: Publishing Industry Marketing Brief

Working collaboratively will likely be the most effective way for us to grow our subrights programs; options discussed fall into three categories:

1. AAUP-wide Collaboration — AAUP-level programs a la Livres Canada Books initiatives for information sharing and tool building.

2. Vertical Partnering — e.g., Harvard and JHUP sharing information on vetted and interested subagents with smaller presses.

3. Lateral Partnering (or Tier-to-Tier Networking) — presses with a common goal (growing subrights) and complimentary lists pooling resources and sharing information to access economies of scale usually only within reach of tier-4 houses.

We decided that the best place to start will be to gather contact information for presses interested in any or all of the above, and then to get folks together; we did so via the post-meeting survey.

Post-meeting survey results are online. Information has been shared and member presses are networking. (Added by Peter Froehlich.)

Be sure to read Stephanie Vyce's presentation notes as well!

Don't forget Kelly Rogers' presentation notes either!

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