2011 Presses Under Pressure: Best Governance Practices for University Presses

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A university press can only be as successful as its relationship with its host institution. While each press has a distinctive kind of reporting relationship with its institution, identifying common principles and "best practices" for promoting and maintaining the quality of these reporting relationships has never been so important. In this session, press leaders will join university administrators to discuss ways in which to enhance the governance relationship in the face of current challenges, from diminishing sales and increasing costs to digital developments ranging from online piracy through open access, to constrained university budgets. What practices and approaches are available to directors and other managers in advancing the interest of their presses within their universities? And what resources are available to trustees and administrators in understanding the value of their presses in a changing publishing environment and enabling these presses to thrive? These issues will frame the discussion of best practices in the promotion of good press governance.

Chair: Peter J. Dougherty, Director, Princeton University Press

Panelists: MaryKatherine Callaway, Director, Louisiana State University Press; Ellen Faran, Director, MIT Press; Daniel Greenstein, Vice-Provost, Academic Planning, Programs, and Coordination, University of California; James T. McGill, Advisory Board Member, The Johns Hopkins University Press and former Senior Vice-President for Finance and Administration, The Johns Hopkins University

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