2011 Pre-Meeting Workshop: Marketing and Publicity for E-books

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In the past eighteen months almost all university presses big and small have begun producing e-books and working with library and commercial e-book vendors. At the beginning returns have been small relative to our investment—not more than 2% of sales in most cases. Now that many of us have our feet wet, it's time to think both about how to grow our e-book revenues and about what channels will be the most viable for us and our kinds of books. So, it's time to talk marketing. Our e-book marketing workshop will cover, at the most basic level, ways to get the word out about our e-book publications; how to access the viability of various channels for e-book sales (institutional, library, course adoption, and retail); how to work with ebook vendors; and how to best promote and publicize our e-books in the channels we want to target.

Organizer: Carol Kasper, University of Chicago Press


Letting the World Know You've Got E-books to Sell

Panelists will discuss publicizing e-book programs at the publisher/institutional level.

How to Assess and Target Channels

Panelists will talk about how to assess the viability of your press's list for various e-book uses including: Institutional, Library, Retail, Course Adoption.

How to Work with Vendors

Library e-book vendors and retail outlets maintain programs to market to their buyer bases. Panelists will talk about these programs and how to take advantage of them in both the library and the retail markets.

Tailoring Promotion and Publicity Efforts

Panelists will talk about ways to tailor promotions and publicity efforts in available e-book channels including retail, library, and course adoptions. They will discuss giveaways, social networking, examinations copies, print advertising, Library of Congress issues, etc.

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