2011 Plenary 2: Back to the Future of Copyright

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For almost all of its history, copyright law developed in a world where the work it governed was embodied and distributed in physical objects, like printed books and journals. What is the future of copyright in an increasingly digital world, a world in which not only the means of distribution have shifted dramatically, but in which cultural norms and expectations are changing as well? When she retired in December 2010 Marybeth Peters had been at the US Copyright Office for 45 years, the last 16+ as the second-longest serving Register of Copyrights. Jon Baumgarten, Intellectual Property Partner at Proskauer Rose, was General Counsel at the USCO from 1976-79, and led successful litigation in, among others, the Texaco, Kinkos, and Michigan Document Services cases. Ms. Peters and Mr. Baumgarten will draw on their extensive experience with the law and its evolution to speculate about its future.

Moderator: Peter Givler, Executive Director, AAUP

Speakers: Marybeth Peters, US Register of Copyrights, 1994-2010; Jon A. Baumgarten, Intellectual Property Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP

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