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University presses are finding innovative, budget-conscious ways to publish journals. They are simplifying workflows, collaborating with libraries, and exploring new business models including open access. This panel will present several such experiments including case studies from Purdue University Press and Wayne State University Press. It will offer a frank assessment of the challenges of such 'lightweight' approaches to journal publishing — and some of the opportunities, especially for smaller presses. Challenges include selling the virtues of a stripped-down workflow to faculty and sustaining journals that rely heavily on volunteer or student labor; benefits include the possibilities such lower risk approaches offer for exploring new subject areas and increasing the relevance of university press publishing programs to their host institutions—which are often obsessed with journal publication at the expense of book lists. As smaller presses in particular deepen their connections with academic libraries, new forms of journal publishing offer an opportunity to leverage university resources. The presentation will also include some initial findings from an IMLS-sponsored study of library-based publishing, being conducted by Purdue University, Georgia Tech and University of Utah Libraries.

Chairs: Charles Watkinson, Director, Purdue University Press and Alicia Vonderharr, Journals Production Editor, Wayne State University Press

Panelists: Pamela Holway, Senior Editor, Athabasca University Press; Jennifer Laherty, Digital Publishing Librarian, Indiana University Bloomington Libraries; Katherine Purple, Production Editor, Purdue University Press

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"Making It Work: Integrating New Technology with Existing OF Systems," Alicia Vonderharr

"Hosting Journals: A Hands-Off Approach," Pamela Holway

"Creative Use of Technology in Journal Publishing," Jennifer Laherty

"Sustaining and Growing PUP's Open Access Journal Program," Katherine Purple

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