2011 Journals Acquisitions: The Landscape for University Presses

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University presses face both challenges and opportunities when setting out to acquire (and retain) journals and to build journals programs. What makes a successful bid? When is a start-up journal a winning proposition? Can university presses really compete with larger firms with deeper pockets? Are there hidden gems out there somewhere just waiting to be discovered and turned into profitable journals? Come hear about these challenges and opportunities and help us arrive at some of the answers. Along the way we'll learn about some noteworthy research recently undertaken for the Association of Research Libraries that could lead to a better understanding of interesting acquisitions possibilities, and we'll hear from a university press director who has built a thriving and prestigious journals program just within the past decade.

Chair: Elizabeth Brown, Johns Hopkins University Press, Project MUSE Content Development Manager

Panelists: October Ivins, Ivins eContent Solutions; Eric Halpern, Director, University of Pennsylvania Press

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