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University presses with small or emerging journals programs face unique challenges in attempting to “go digital.” Encroaching industry demands, limited budgets, undertrained staff, tech-ignorant authors, conflicting recommendations, and just plain fear of change — all make the transition to a digital workflow uncertain and sometimes painful. This session will define the basic elements in an electronic workflow and offer examples of how they have been successfully implemented and managed. Panel members will share successes and offer advice and support. Questions to be addressed include:

  • What is (are) the best platform(s) for us?
  • What is a DTD and do we need one?
  • How can we convince tech-resistant editors and authors to cooperate in a digital environment?
  • What should we outsource and what should we keep in-house?
  • What about contracts and publication agreements?

Chair: Patricia Mitchell, Production Coordinator, Books and Journals, Penn State University Press

Panelists: Panelists: Kay Steinlicht, Director of Sales, The Sheridan Press; Nick Maier, Business Development Manager, DiacriTech, Lauren Lissaris, Publisher Account Specialist, JSTOR; Julie Shippee, Assistant Production Coordinator, Penn State University Press

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