2011 Cataclysmic Changes in Bookstore Buying and Selling

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As large chain retailers cut buying staff and uncertainty mounts about the future of these chains, university presses need to consider the future of their trade and regional lists. This session will consider how presses can open, grow, and sustain non-traditional accounts to help offset present and future contractions in chain bookselling. Panelists will discuss regional and national gift shows; working with non-bookstore chains (Cracker Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, Macy's, etc.); the use of direct marketing to drive sales in such channels; and other strategies to support solid relationships with these accounts.

Chair: John P. Hussey, Director of Marketing and Sales, University Press of Kentucky

Panelists: Michael Donatelli, Sales Director, University of North Carolina Press; Tom Lovett, Sales Director, Johns Hopkins University Press; Dennis Lloyd, Associate Director and Director of Marketing and Sales, University Press of Florida

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