2010 The University Press as Digital Publisher

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The University Press as Digital Publisher

How does a press “go digital”? This session will uncover strategies presses are planning and implementing to publish e-books and e-journals and how they are moving forward with digital scholarship that builds their lists and strengths. Also discussed will be how to organize and create online communities and partnerships focusing on specific topics/subject areas where visitors can research, discuss, share, and add content.

Chair: Alicia Vonderharr, Journals Production Editor, Wayne State University Press

Panelists: Linda Treffinger, Publication Manager, HighWire Press; Kathy Killoh, Journals and Digital Coordinator, Athabasca University Press; Karen Hill, Assistant Director and Digital Manager, University of Michigan Press

Presentation files: "Karen Hill's handout on the University of Michigan Press [1]" "Kathy Killoh's presentation on Athabasca University Press [2]" "Linda Treffinger's presentation on HighWire Press and Discoverability/Visbility [3]"

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