2010 Plenary 3

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Plenary 3: Economic Models for Scholarly Publishing

In 2009, the AAUP Board commissioned a Task Force on Economic Models for Scholarly Publishing to examine the current state of scholarly publishing with a particular focus on 1) universities’ needs and the roles that university presses can play in meeting those needs; and 2) potential new business models. In this session, Task Force members will summarize their findings and invite comments and suggestions from the audience. (A draft report will be circulated prior to the Annual Meeting.)

Chair: Lynne Withey, Director, University of California Press

Task Force Members: Ellen Faran, Director, MIT Press; Michael Jensen, Director of Strategic Web Communications, National Academies Press; Garrett Kiely, Director, University of Chicago Press; Will Underwood, Director, Kent State University Press; Bruce Wilcox, Director, University of Massachusetts Press

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