2010 Partnering for Sustainability

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Partnering for Sustainability: Selling E-books to Libraries

With the help of a grant from the Mellon Foundation, a consortium of presses has developed a plan to enable presses of all sizes to sell e-book collections to libraries. Participants will explain the plan’s rationale and assumptions, including timing, pricing, scale, ingestion, and platforms. They will explain how this endeavor differs from other efforts, why it is likely to be sustainable, why it is structured to increase net revenue, why it will be attractive to libraries, how it is likely to affect print sales, and many other issues. This is an essential panel for university press directors and e-book specialists.

Chair: Marlie Wasserman Director, Rutgers University Press

Panelists: Alex Holzman, Director, Temple University Press; Eric Halpern, Director, University of Pennsylvania Press; Raym Crow, Senior Consultant, SPARC

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