2010 New Jobs for New Ways of Doing Business

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New Jobs for New Ways of Doing Business: Finding Your Next Staff or Your Next Job in Publishing

How are scholarly publishers addressing the training, recruiting, and promoting of their current and future staff in the ever-changing digital world of publishing? As university presses alter their workflows as they move more publishing functions to the digital realm, they are faced with examining current job duties and creating new positions within their organizations. A roundtable discussion with those who are training the next generation of publishers and librarians and those who are working at the intersection of those worlds will address the skills needed and the best ways to obtain that expertise.

Chair: Christine Szuter, Director, Arizona State University Scholarly Publishing Program

Panelists: Monica McCormick, Program Officer for Digital Scholarly Publishing, New York University Press; Penelope Kaiserlian, Director, The University of Virginia Press; Karen Hill, Assistant Director/Digital Manager, The University of Michigan Press; Peter Boticelli, Director, Digital Information Management Certificate program, University of Arizona

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