2010 Innovation and the Future of E-Books

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Innovation and the Future of E-Books

In a broadly-focused conversation, this session will consider innovations with e-books, shifts in business models and modes of delivery, their potential, features, how we may integrate other new content (film clips, web links, etc.). Panelists will consider how they think about the process of creating, updating, and sustaining e-books—and how the e-book’s future and ours may be inextricably linked.

Moderator: Darrin Pratt, Director, University Press of Colorado

Panelists: Garrett Kiely, Director, University of Chicago Press; Alex Holzman, Director, Temple University Press; Jake Furbush, Digital Publishing Manager, MIT Press; Laura Cerruti, Director of Digital Content Development, University of California Press

View Darrin Pratt's Presentation, The Archaeology of the Americas Digital Monograph Initiative

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