2010 Growing Sales in Tough Times

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Growing Sales in Tough Times

From shrinking library budgets to consolidation of key accounts to the loss of retail space, the last year has been a struggle for many university presses. What tangible steps we should consider to minimize sales short falls? How do we improve our profitability as we look for new opportunities to increase demand for our books? This panel will consider how a university press can respond to changing markets by taking practical steps to improve sales from re–evaluating budgeting processes to changing production workflow to refocusing editorial programs. With more sales data available than ever before, how can we use information on emerging sales trends, pricing issues, and market shifts in the scholarly and university press field to improve our own sales? Even for presses weathering this unprecedented storm, this panel offers tangible suggestions for publishers of all sizes to further strengthen our bottom lines.

Chair: Melissanne Scheld: Associate Director Sales & Marketing, Cambridge

Panelists: Fred Nachbaur, Director, Fordham; Lenny Allen, Director of Wholesaler & Pharmaceutical Sales, Oxford; Dan Kervick, Publisher Alley Reporting & Training Manager, Baker & Taylor

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