2010 Acquisitions and Authors in a Digital Environment

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Acquisitions and Authors in a Digital Environment

Digital environments demand new relationships with our authors, our home institutions, and increased openness to different models of what we think of as publishing and co-publishing. A key facet is the increasing importance of building institutional relationships both within and without our home universities. How are editors and presses to negotiate these new relationships, and what are our authors initiating while we puzzle it out? What are the practical, institutional, intellectual and financial implications? We’ll hear about lessons learned from efforts and projects under way, what is and is not working, what’s promising and what looks like a dead end, from the people who are already knee deep in it.

Chair: Eric Zinner, Editor-in-Chief, New York University Press

Participant: Shana Kimball, Co-Director, Scholarly Publishing Office, University of Michigan Libraries; Monica McCormick, Program Officer for Digital Scholarly Publishing, New York University Press; Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor and Chair of Media Studies, Pomona College and founding co-editor of MediaCommons

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