2009 University and Press Collaborations

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University and Press Collaborations

The relationships between university presses and the administrations that oversee them are constantly evolving and, like all relationships, are sometimes harmonious and sometimes difficult but always complex. Members of this roundtable discussion will explore ways to foster more positive interactions during good times and bad and effective strategies for presses that serve multiple campuses.

Moderator: B. Byron Price, Director, University of Oklahoma Press

Panelists: Patrick H. Alexander, Director, Penn State University Press and Co-Director, Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing, Penn State University ; Gary Dunham, Director, SUNY Press; Michael Furlough, Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communication and Co-Director, Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing, Penn State University

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session below.

If you would like your presentation file linked here, please contact Meredith Benjamin at mbenjamin at aaupnet.org or Brenna McLaughlin at bmclaughlin at aaupnet.org

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