2009 Town and Gown Meet the Press

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Town and Gown Meet the Press: Developing Partnerships on Campus and in the Community

Panelists will discuss how they cultivate relationships on campus and in their local communities to advance development and raise funds to support books and series. They will describe how they reach out to deans and administrators, directors of academic centers, librarians, museum directors, the alumni association, and other units within their universities to initiate cooperative ventures that support their programs. Reaching beyond campus, they will provide examples of how they have engaged members of advisory councils, friends’ groups, and cultural institutions in the community in support of their press’ advancement. The panelists will invite audience participation in an informal conversation about their experiences.

Moderator: Joanna Hitchcock, Director, University of Texas Press

Panelists: Jack Holmes, Director of Development, Johns Hopkins University Press; Kate Douglas Torrey, Director, University of North Carolina Press

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session below.

If you would like your presentation file linked here, please contact Meredith Benjamin at mbenjamin at aaupnet.org or Brenna McLaughlin at bmclaughlin at aaupnet.org

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