2009 Library-Press Cooperation

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Library-Press Cooperation

Rebecca Kennison and Helen Tartar will talk about how Professor Neni Panourgiá, at Columbia University’s Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, and Fordham University Press are collaborating to produce a dynamic online presentation of digital materials complementing the print version of Panourgiá’s Dangerous Citizens: The Greek Left and the Terror of the State. The project lives at dangerouscitizens.columbia.edu. Michael Furlough and Patrick Alexander will discuss how one of several projects at Penn State’s Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing, Metalmark Books, can be replicated by almost any small press or library that wants to partner. They will look at a business model, workflow, and the potential results. Moderator: Patrick H. Alexander, Director, Penn State University Press, and Co-Director, Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing, Penn State University

Panelists: Michael Furlough, Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communication & Co-Director, Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing, Penn State University; Rebecca Kennison, Director, Center for Digital Research & Scholarship, Columbia University Libraries; Helen Tartar, Editorial Director, Fordham University Press

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