2009 Financial Models for E-books and E-Journals

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Financial Models for E-books and E-journals

How do you measure financial success for e-books and e-journals? What specific models, if any, have proven successful? Will the financial models for the e-format blur the distinctions between how we sell e-books and e-journals? This lively round-table discussion will attempt to answer these and related questions.

Discussants: Steve Cohn, Director, Duke University Press; Carol Kasper, Marketing Director, University of Chicago Press; Rebecca Simon, Director, Journals & Digital Publishing, University of California Press

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session below.

If you would like your presentation file linked here, please contact Meredith Benjamin at mbenjamin at aaupnet.org or Brenna McLaughlin at bmclaughlin at aaupnet.org

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