2009 Finances of Higher Ed

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The Finances of Higher Education

University presses operate differently, and with some independence, from their universities. Nonetheless, presses and universities face some of the same financial and regulatory challenges. Press leaders can benefit from a fuller understanding of the finances of their parent institutions and of the major governmental or public policy factors that affect their operations. Three senior university financial officers will share overviews of the structure of their institution’s revenues and expenditures, the operation and cost allocations from central services, the communication patterns on financial matters across institutions, and the governmental and public policy issues that drive major decisions.

Moderator: Katheen Keane, Director, Johns Hopkins University Press

Panelists: Bonnie C. Gibson, Vice President, Budget and Management Analysis, University of Pennsylvania; Kenneth H. Kaiser, Associate Vice President for Finance and Budget, Temple University; Michael Strine, Vice President for Finance, Johns Hopkins University

View Kenneth Kaiser's PowerPoint presentation

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