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Books and Journals: What Are the Differences, and What Can We Learn from Each Other?

Panelists with experience working on both books and journals discuss the differences and similarities in the processes, touching on these questions: What are the benefits and pitfalls of bringing journals work into a book-editing and/or book-production department? What can we learn from how we acquire, produce, market, and just talk about books that will help us elevate the reputation and visibility of journals at our presses? What are the differences between the processes for editing and producing books and those for journals?

Moderator: Kristin Harpster Lawrence, Editorial, Design, & Production Manager for Books & Journals, Wayne State University Press

Panelists: Judith Altreuter, Director of Print and Electronic Production, Modern Language Association; Paul Chase, Journals Coordinator, University of Pennsylvania Press; Patricia Mitchell, Production Coordinator of Books and Journals, Penn State University Press; Helen Szigeti, Business Development Manager, HighWire

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session below.

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