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2008 Pre-Meeting Workshop: Acquisitions

June 25-26, 2008 Montreal, Quebec

Description: This workshop is designed to give micro and macro views on the profession to editors with limited experience (from brand new to perhaps three years on the job). Sessions will cover the following topics: list building (defining your niche, building in new areas quickly, paperback reprints and co-pubs, and book series), title budgets (from the P & L to the pub plan), contracts (royalties and advances, subsidiary rights, and digital rights issues), the publishing process (peer review, working with support staff, the editorial board), ethics and competition with other presses, communications with in-house colleagues (especially working with marketing), and managing authors in the publishing partnership process.

Faculty: Jane Bunker, Editor-in-Chief, SUNY Alan Harvey, Associate Director & Editor-in-Chief, Stanford Alex Holzman, Director, Temple Sian Hunter, Senior Editor, UNC Richard Morrison, Executive Editor, Minnesota J. Reynolds Smith, Executive Editor, Duke


The List: building and defining (Richard Morrison & Leslie Mitchner)

The Process: peer review, competition, board dynamics (Reynolds Smith & Sian Hunter)

The Plan: P&Ls, contracts (Alex Holzman & Jane Bunker)

The Hand-Off: preparing manuscripts for editorial & production; electronic issues (Alan Harvey & Sian Hunter)

Roundtable on managing work flow (or, “Will I always eat lunch at my desk?”)

The Publisher: working with colleagues in other departments; authors as partners (Leslie Mitchner & Jane Bunker)

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